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Get the best Consultant for your next Kitchen Remodeling Project

It Is perfectly normal for one to have a bit of reservation when hiring an expert to do your work for you. In addition to the budget issue, the client may be worried about the possible creative differences that may arise when hiring an expert. After all, your dream home and your dream kitchen deserve to have the best design and decor ever, with or without a project design consultant. You might not be sure if an interior design consultation is worth the money when you already have so much on your finances and your menu during the remodeling process or designing process.

Our design consultants will meet with you in our Greenwich showroom and introduce you to the friendly “Putnam Way” of design. They will discuss your “wish list” including styling, materials, finishes, appliance options, etc. 

Putnam Design offers a number of cabinet lines for your consideration, providing you a diverse selection designed to fit your style preference and budget.

We have listed down the things you need to know before selecting the most appropriate interior design consultant. Someone who will help with your vision of your project and make it into reality.

So, whether you’re looking for interior design consultant in Greenwich, CT to help you envision, design, and build a new home. Or maybe you’re looking for a kitchen design consultant to help you build a new kitchen or maybe even remodel your old kitchen. You’re in the right place, our guide is definitely going to help you!

Next we will visit your home* to “field measure.” We will work from your architectural drawings to develop preliminary design concepts as we endeavor to create an ideal living space for you and your lifestyle. We will then prepare a detailed floor plan from which we will develop an estimate of costs for your project. While some exceptions may apply, we typically provide the aforementioned at no charge.

In order for us to proceed and finalize your contract, we will at this juncture require a design retainer fee. Upon receipt we will complete your elevation drawings, including any necessary design modifications, and determine the final pricing of your project. While design retainer fees are non-refundable, please know they will be deducted from your total contract price.



Contact us today at 203-661-1766 to discuss your options.

Thank you for considering Putnam Design for your upcoming project. We look forward to serving you and adding you to our list of satisfied clients.

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* Most towns in Fairfield and Westchester Counties

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Interior Design Consultation:
Get the best designer for your Kitchen Remodeling

Clearly from above, you can understand how handy project design consultants can be especially if you’re indecisive and need constant help to figure things out from someone. But we must be very careful while choosing a professional to who we are prepared to hand our project responsibilities. Someone who has enough interior designing experience and can be just as cooperative with their clients.

Our interior design consultants at Putnam Designs are probably the best in the game if you want to have the most professional project consultation experience at a very budget-friendly rate.

We, at Putnam Design, stress the importance of cooperation and creative cohesion. This is exactly why we promote the “Putnam Way” of interior design consultation. We will discuss every aspect of your vision for your interior design project and refine it based on your lifestyle.

Options for design consultations

We understand that not everyone is willing to sit in live sessions to have word-to-word, detail-to-detail talk with us. Being mindful of that, we have different modes of project design consultation that we offer, which can allow you the ease of access. So just select the one mode that you believe is the most convenient for you and leave the rest to our team.


In-store (showroom consultations)

showroom consultation

Our design consultants have come up with a tried and tested formula that has offered us success with all our clients. We like to call it the Putnam way of design. A major reason behind the success is that we take your wishes, budget, cost planning, ideas, and everything relevant into account while using our experience and combining it with the latest trends and ideas about remodeling projects. Additionally, our project design consultants will also introduce you to a wide variety of kitchen furniture, cabinet lines, and a diverse selection. So, you can pick items within your budget for your kitchen interior project.  



Online Consultations 

online-design-consultation cb

An online consultation process is pretty much like an in-house consultation. The only added benefit is that it allows you to stay within the vicinity of your comfort zone while discussing options, budget, cost, and ideas for your new kitchen design project. Generally, we advise our clients to do their own research before booking a consultation session with us. It will allow them to gather their ideas regarding the décor, paint, and furniture, along with costs and design. Subsequently, they can also go through the recent trends and discuss the possibility of incorporating themes from them in their new kitchen. 


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